Complexity, Dynamics and Networks

Large-scale data tend to have a relational nature, and their complexity often lies in the web of connection between their elements. My research focuses on the organisation and dynamics of such complex networks. Based on empirical observations in social and neuronal networks, I am developing computational tools to uncover and visualize information in networked systems, as well as a theoretical framework for dynamical processes on dynamical networks. Applications include: cascades of information in online media, fMRI brain networks, large-scale social networks, human mobility.

Renaud Lambiotte

Department of Mathematics/Naxys
University of Namur
Rempart de la Vierge 8
5000 Namur

Email: renaud.lambiotte(AT)
Tel.: 0032 81 724928
Fax: 0032 81 724914
Twitter: rlambiot
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Short bio

After a PhD in Physics at ULB, and Post-docs at ULg, UCLouvain and Imperial College, I am currently associate professor in the department of Mathematics of the University of Namur. My recent research includes the development of algorithms to uncover information in large-scale networks, the study of empirical data in social and biological systems, and the mathematical modelling of human mobility and diffusion on networks. I have authored more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, with around 5000 citations (Google Citations). I also act as an academic editor for PLoS One and the European Physical Journal B.

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Networks with memory

Tracking the Digital Footprints of Personality